Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are the shipping rates so volatile?

    Due to some fluctuations in the price of commodities, with fiat currencies, and the market uncertainties.

  • What are the usual methods of freight payment?

    We usually accept bank payments as it is the most common and easiest among our clients

  • Do you handle international household moves?

    Yes, we do across Europe, America, and Asia.

  • How and where can we pick up the cargo at destination?

    Large packages, they will be delivered to the receiver’s address. While Large packages like containers will be held in our warehouse. Unless there is a special request for our truck to convey it to the receiver’s address.

  • How can I contact Prime Standard Logistics?

    We made it very simple to contact us. Go to our contact page through the menu and fill out the contact form with your name, email address, and message. We will receive your message request and get back to you ASAP

  • How will I be contacted if I'm to receive a package?

    Most times we contact our package receivers via email. Please kindly check your junk/spam folder if you can’t find our mail in your primary folder.

  • Where do you mostly operate mostly?

    We operate mostly around Asia, Europe, and America. We look forward to expanding our coast to the rest of the World in due time.


Frequently Asked Questions